2024 International Conference on Advanced Technology of Electrical Engineering and Energy

Presentation Guideline

Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Time Management
Presentation Type Total Allotted Time
Keynote Speech 45 mins
Invited Speech 35 mins
Regular Oral Presentation(Contributed Speech) 20 mins
Download Templates for a Reference.
keynote Speech Slide Template Invited Speech Slide Template Oral Presentation Slide Template Poster Template (In A0 size)

General Guidelines

1. Presentation Duration
   - Each presentation includes 5 minutes for preparation and Q&A/discussion.
   - A warning will be issued when 5 minutes are remaining.
   - Presenters must adhere to the scheduled time.
2. Preparation and Submission
   - Presentation format
   -  - Oral Presentation, PPT file named: Paper ID + Session.
   -  - Poster Presentation, In A0 (841 mm × 1189 mm) size printing.
   - Slides should be concise, uncluttered, and readable from a distance.
   - Avoid lengthy text; use keywords and phrases for visual reinforcement.
   - Final PPT file should be sent via the contact email address two weeks before the conference or uploaded on a USB flash drive at the lectern during the break preceding the presentation.
3. Equipment and Certificate
   - Organizing committee provides a laptop, video projector, and laser pointer.
   - A signed and stamped presentation certificate will be issued by the session chair or assistant after the presentation.
   - The PPT will be permanently removed after completion.
4. Speaker Standards
   - Speakers are required to dress formally.
   - Thorough rehearsal and expertise in the presentation's subject matter are crucial.
   - No commercial advertisements are allowed during the session.

Online Presentation Guidelines

1. Online Oral Presentations
   - Conducted via ZOOM; link available fifteen days before the conference.
   - Find presentation time by searching the paper ID on the conference program.
   - Presenters must join the Online Session Room on time.
2. Pre-recorded Video Presentation
   - Format: .mp4; submission deadline is April 10th, 2024.
   - Videos posted on the conference website for interaction after pre-review and confirmation.
   - Optionally, presenters may record a 5-minute audio/video walkthrough.
3. Online Poster Presentations
   - Consists of PDF posters available on the conference website starting May 24th, 2024.
   - Live poster Q&A sessions via ZOOM.
   - Posters must be submitted via email before April 10th, 2024.
4. Important Notice for Presenters
   - All online presentations and posters will be publicly available.
   - Presenters with sensitive data should be cautious about the information shared.
   - Attendees are expected not to cite or download works without presenter permission.

Recording Instructions

- Use Zoom for recording, and for authors in China unable to access Zoom, OBS is recommended.
- Follow specific guidelines provided for Zoom and OBS.
- Recommended Encoding Settings for videos.
1. Zoom Recording Guidelines
   - Format: MP4
   - Compression: H.264 (AAC for Audio)
   - Resolution: Minimum 480 pixels height
   - Aspect Ratio: 16:9
   - Frame Rate: Consistent with the recorded content
   - Bitrate: Variable
2. File Size Recommendations:
   - 15 minutes: 150 MB or less
   - 5 minutes: 50 MB or less
3. For more detailed instructions on recording, refer to:
- [OBS Recording] https://obsproject.com/, [OBS Video] https://youtu.be/GXEsSC7rTWw