2024 International Conference on Advanced Technology of Electrical Engineering and Energy

Guidelines For Speaker

Conference speakers are cordially invited to share their knowledge and expertise on topics pertinent to the conference's theme. Their invaluable contributions bring forth unique ideas, fresh perspectives, and insights that illuminate and enrich attendees, fostering professional development and growth in their respective fields. At ATEEE-24, we eagerly welcome experts in Electrical Engineering/Renewable Energy to inspire and engage participants through insightful speeches tailored to the conference's focal areas.

Benefits of Becoming a Speaker

Speakers will attend the conference free of charge (only for the keynote speaker), with complimentary hotel reservations and accommodations provided for all sessions, excluding round-trip tickets.
Benefits of Speaking:
1. Exposure for Your Work: Speaking at the conference can broaden the audience for your work, increasing its visibility.
2. Building Academic Reputation: Being a speaker is a prime chance to establish yourself as an expert in your field, bolstering your academic reputation and opening new opportunities.
3. Sharing Knowledge and Expertise: Conference speakers can share their knowledge and expertise with others, which is personally rewarding.

Criteria for Speaker Selection

1. Expertise: We carefully select speakers based on their expertise and knowledge, emphasizing a strong background in the topics they will present. This encompasses qualifications, research, professional experience, and academic recognition.
2. Relevance: Speech topics should align with our conference theme: Electrical Engineering, Green, and Renewable Energy. Speakers should offer meaningful contributions, such as innovative ideas, fresh perspectives, and new research within these domains.
3. Engaging Presentation: Speakers must effectively, clearly, and engagingly convey their ideas during their presentations.
4. Diversity: ATEEE-24 is committed to promoting diversity of thought. Experts from varied backgrounds are encouraged to bring diverse perspectives to our conference.

Calling for Speakers

If you are interested in delivering a speech at ATEEE-24, please complete the Speaker Proposal Form and submit it, along with your most recent CV, to ateee@ateee.org for consideration.
Keynote Speakers: A keynote speaker delivers a highly anticipated presentation at the onset of the conference. The keynote speech sets the tone for the conference and aims to inspire, engage, and motivate the audience.
Invited Speakers: An invited speaker is an expert or specialist in a related field who is invited to deliver a presentation or speech at the conference. Invited speakers offer unique perspectives and insights on various topics and are often asked to present research findings, ideas, or solutions to pressing issues in relevant areas. We welcome invited speakers from diverse backgrounds, including academia, industry, government sectors, and research institutions, to share their expertise with the audience.

Speaker Responsibilities

Speakers are required to furnish valid contact information to the organizing committee. We kindly request speakers to maintain regular communication with the organizing committee and respond promptly. Failure to respond after three follow-up emails will result in the exclusion of the speaker from the speaker list.
Speakers should ensure they are well-informed of the conference date and prepare their speeches thoughtfully.
In the event that a speaker is unable to attend the conference for any reason, please notify the conference secretary immediately.

Basic Guidelines for Speakers

Adherence to Time Allotment: Speakers are kindly asked to adhere to their allotted time and avoid surpassing the designated limit. This demonstrates consideration for conference attendees and ensures adherence to the schedule. Typically, each speech is allocated 45 minutes, including a 5-minute Q&A session.
Dress Code: We strongly encourage speakers to dress in formal and professional attire suitable for the event.
Relevance: Speakers are expected to maintain relevance to the topic submitted in the Speaker Proposal Form.
Utilization of Visual Aids: Speakers are encouraged to incorporate visual aids such as slides, videos, or props to enrich their presentations. The presentation room is equipped with an LCD projector, screen, pointer device, microphone, and a laptop preloaded with commonly used presentation software like Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Reader. Specific accommodations can be arranged upon request.
Readiness for Feedback and Questions: Following each speech, a 5-minute Q&A session will be held. Speakers should be prepared to field questions and receive feedback from the audience.
Respect for Cultural Diversity: Speakers are urged to be mindful of the diverse backgrounds of their audience. Please refrain from using inappropriate humor and making sexist, racial, or political remarks.


Conference laptops equipped with standard presentation software like Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Reader will be provided for your presentations. Additionally, microphones, an LCD projector, a screen, whiteboards, and a pointer pen will be available for the speakers.