2024 International Conference on Advanced Technology of Electrical Engineering and Energy

Become a Reviewer

Reviewer Eligibility

Reviewers should possess professionalism, representativeness, and diversity. They must demonstrate strong academic competence in the field relevant to the manuscript under consideration, typically holding a Ph.D. degree. Competent reviewers should exhibit a profound understanding of their assigned area of expertise along with prior review experience. They are expected to discern imperceptible errors within a paper's dataset and recognize subtle innovations. The reviewer pool should strive for comprehensiveness, with each submission typically evaluated by at least two reviewers or more.

A qualified peer-reviewer typically

- Holds a Ph.D. level qualification or higher in the relevant area.
- Possesses the necessary expertise and experience to evaluate the paper.
- Is capable of formulating an unbiased, impartial, and timely review report.
- Demonstrates a strong publication history.

Benefits for Volunteer Reviewers 

Peer reviewers undertake the honorable responsibility of guiding and gatekeeping for those striving for quality research. When conducting peer review, reviewers:
- Gain experience in the related fields.
- Receive a personalized reviewer certificate.
- Are acknowledged on the conference website and during conference opening.
- Have the opportunity to be considered for the Best Reviewer Award.
- Enjoy the freedom to tour around Qingdao after the conference.
- Are potential candidates for the Technical Program Committee for future conferences.